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The breed does well in the city, said Henry Birdseye of Old Town, who owns a Pekingese named Barney and runs a blog, Duke’s Dog Blog, about his Peke Duke, who recently died. Birdseye says in his experience, Pekingese don’t mind the Chicago weather and do well in small spaces.

"They’re apartment dogs," said Birdseye, who’s not ashamed to be a Peke fan. "I’ve somehow made it very open that I’m grown man who likes little [Pekingese]."


Chicago dog lovers weigh in on Pekingese win Tuesday

Sometimes I talk to newspapers about how much I like little dogs. What.

(Regarding the brackets at the end of that quotation, I think I said “little snorty dogs” or something along those lines. The substitution is understandable, I guess.)

  1. beigeinside said: I was amused by that bracketed word at the end. I assumed you said something filthy.
  2. kellydeal said: Totally thought of you guys when the pekingese won. Those other pups clearly did not stand a chance.
  3. eoporto said: Did you say “grown man who likes little” WHY DID THEY NEED TO CLARIFY.
  4. thisistheglamorous said: YES!
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