25 1 / 2013

"I think teenagers are googling “I hate my mom” and ending up on our page. And then, in their rush to blurt out whatever angry thought is on their mind, they’re just jumping to the comment section and dumping their rage there."

Slacktory: The comments section for our “30 Teenagers Saying ‘I Hate My Mom’ on Facebook” has become an angry teenager mom-hate lounge

Nick pointed out to me that we were getting weird comments on an old post, so I wrote this up to try and explain what’s going on. It’s an odd phenomenon and I still don’t fully understand it, but I think this makes for an interesting read.

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    I so want to go here and post nice things about my mom. Like “Hey, guys. Sorry your mom’s such a turd cause mine just...
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    this planet anymore… That or...every teenage head
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