29 1 / 2013

Person 1 does something they are not supposed to do because it violated social rules or etiquette or whatever.

Person 2 says, “My heavens! Why did you do that thing?”

Person 1 says, “I apologize! I made a simple mistake.”


Person 3 whispers to Person 4, “Did you hear about Person 1? They did that thing!”

Person 4 replies, “I can’t believe that person did that thing given their standing in society! That is a thing they were not supposed to do! We have unspoken rules here.”

Person 3: “I know! it’s outrageous, or rather, the old-timey word for ‘outrageous’! It is the past!”

(Everyone exchanges loaded glances with everyone else, in every scene, forever.)

Person 5 “Electricity and cars! My heavens! Hey did you hear about that thing Person 1 did?”