04 2 / 2013



Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercial = :(

Hello, we are Go Daddy, a website for buying websites! Our website name comes from the fact that we were all raised by single mothers. “Go, Daddy! We are alone with mom now!” We are very sad.

Do you like nerds kissing? What if the nerd is kissing a pretty lady? The nerd has a skin condition.

What if we teased you with the promise of softcore pornography on our website? Would you buy more websites from us? We heard people love internet porn, so we pretend we have it, but we clearly don’t. Like, we can’t show you Danica Patrick’s vagina, but we’ll act like we can, and that her vagina is on our website. But it’s not. Her vagina is on her body, under some clothes, offline. Sorry :-(

Do you want to tweet about our nerd kiss? Use the hashtag #thekiss so we can track you and see how well our nerd kiss did with Twitter. Join the conversation! That’s something us Twitter gurus say! Haha, join the conversation! It’s not really a conversation, though. It’s just people shouting into a void.

Anyway have fun watching the Super Bowl and don’t forget to buy websites from us! You’re welcome for the nerd kiss!!!

Btw I still post stuff on the Slacktory Tumblr every once in a while.